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CHS is a private online high school with 40 years of experience providing high-quality instruction to more than 25,000 students from 100 different countries. One of the oldest online schools in the United States. CHS is regionally and nationally accredited

Requirements: Individual courses starts from 13 years Diploma Courses: 9 Grade - 14 years 10 grade - 15 years 11 grade - 16 years 12 grade - 17 years

Price: Additional courses -
$599 for 1 course per year
Information about school
The current number of students exceeds 40,000 and the number of faculty is about 1,000. The number of courses is 400+. For elementary schools only full-time (no overlap)

Requirements: Ages 11-19 (grades 6-12) combined and full-time English level depends on class

1 subject per term 18 weeks (1 or 2 lessons per week for 60 minutes) $699 + $50 one-time registration fee
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US high school. Live or self-paced lessons with native English-speakers. A regular diploma or dual diploma program (US + Local) that allows you to obtain a US high school diploma

Requirements: Grades 6-7 , level from B1 - middle school. Grades 8-11 level from B2 - high school

1 live course + 1 self paced $4,590 + $480 one-time registration fee
Information about school
AIA graduates enter the world's top universities: Brown University, University of Southern California, New York University, University of Rochester, Boston University, and many others

Requirements: English Level B1+\B2 Grades from a local school (usually the last 2 grades)

Group tuition $1,099 + $50 one-time registration fee for new students
Citizens High School
Washington Academy