April 23, 8:30 PM IST
The rapid evolution of technology leads to the fact that programmers, IT specialists, engineers, high-tech professionals, etc. will soon become the most popular and promising specialists on the planet.
In the distant future, there will be professions that we cannot even imagine, they will be associated with technology and high-tech production in conjunction with the natural sciences.
We understand that where you choose to educate your child is important, so we like to give you a taste of an Educate Online classroom.
Free online lesson for children, ages 14-19
April 23, 8:30 PM IST
STEM is an approach to education that combines science, technology, engineering and math.
Join us to try to explore STEM
«Pioneering Your Future in STEM»
Why should your child attend this lesson?
Join us to try out what STEM is
Our session will cover different STEM-subjects including 3D Game Design, 3D Animation, Printing and Modeling. This is the best way to get familiar with different career paths
Learn about STEM
They will practice problem-solving and brainstorming through different challenges, and can ask a teacher all their questions
Ask any questions
After the lesson, you will receive an electronic certificate of participation, which confirms that the child has become familiar with the basic concepts of STEM
Get a certificate
It is also an opportunity to see how the lessons are held in schools abroad and understand how convenient the online format of classes is for your child
Try online lesson in american school
Online discussions and course activities require students to develop and apply critical thinking skills
Develop soft skills
About teacher
Michael is an Engineering Professional with over 7+ years of experience in Coding/Game design and Building Technology Engineering experience (HVAC and Electrical).

He studied Mechanical Engineering Technology at Purdue University where he began his career journey developing mobile apps, one of which was commissioned by Purdue University.

Michael is now a consultant for HVAC Building efficiency, focusing on programming for hospitals and surgery rooms as well as a S.T.E.M instructor for Aquinas International Academy.
Michael Wilson
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