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Remote learning for students ages 14+ interested in earning a diploma from leading high schools in Canada or the US.

Dual Diploma Program

Fully-accredited schools
Combine your local school with a school in Canada or the US
Internationally recognized diplomas

Study Online, as though you were sitting in a physical classroom

Study subjects that may not be available at your local school. Many schools around the world require students to complete a list of compulsory subjects only. Students do not have flexibility to explore their interests. Our schools offer more than 200 subjects to choose from. Students can study entrepreneurship, finance, psychology, cybersecurity, 3D gaming, and more.

The variety of courses that we offer allows students to better understand their future academic and career goals.

Study subjects that may not be available at your local school
Our teachers are selected based on their qualifications, experience and success in supporting the goals and needs of our students. Unlike traditional schools, we are not limited by geography in selecting our faculty. We choose the best. This means our students are engaged in their learning and destined for success.
Study with Top Faculty
Our school Diplomas
The diploma received from an Educate Online high school is identical to the diploma received by a traditional physical high school.

Our schools are accredited by the respective local accreditation bodies, including Cognia in the US and the Ministry of Education in Canada.

These diplomas are accepted worldwide for entrance to leading universities. Including those in Canada, the US, the UK, Europe and beyond.

The structure of the dual diploma

75% of your course studies at your local traditional school will be counted as transfer credit towards your diploma
25% of your course studies will be taken through Educate Online in Canada or the US.
Your international diploma will not indicate which courses were studied outside of Canada or the US.
Schools are accredited by
(USA and UK)
Ontario Ministry of Education (Canada)
Languages Canada
AP&College Board A-G

Dual Diploma Graduation Requirements

Usually full-time student needs to take 30 for 9-12 grades, however, Dual Diploma demands only 8 credits, the rest 22 credits are transferred from your local school (Dual Diploma
Credits include:
English (1 credit per grade)
Mathematics (at least 1 credit in grade 11)
Electives (Group 1, 2, 3)
Canadian History
Canadian Geography
Health & Physical Education
French as a second language
Career Studies
Usually full-time student needs to take 24 for 9-12 grades, however, Dual Diploma demands only 6 credits, the rest 18 credits are transferred from your local school

Credits include:
Social Studies
World Languages
Health & Physical Education
Fine Arts
A credit is a unit of measurement that schools in Canada and the US use to determine eligibility for graduation. In most cases, one credit = one course. Some schools however, will offer short courses (one semester) which is equal to 0.5 credits. In order to receive a high school diploma from the school, you will complete the required number of credits.
What are credits?
From 11 grade

More than 200 subjects to choose from

Film Studies
Art and design
International relationships
Health and wellness management
Computer game development

Media research
Business mathematics
Personal finance
3D printing and modeling
Basics of business, marketing, and finance
Medical terminology
Collaborative theatre
Socio-emotional research
Writing craft
Hospitality and tourism
World problems

School list where you child can earn a dual diploma
Upon graduation from an Educate Online high school, you may apply to leading universities worldwide. Our diplomas are internationally recognized and accepted by the best, including: Harvard, Yale, MIT, London School of Economics, University of Toronto, and others.

Admission to a leading university, with an internationally recognized diploma

What universities can you apply to?
Guaranteed Admission
Educate Online is recognized by partner universities worldwide. Graduates of our schools will be accepted to these fine institutions:
Adelphi University. Garden City, New York.
American University. Washington, DC.
Auburn University. Auburn, Alabama.
Cleveland State University. Cleveland, Ohio.
Florida International University.
Louisiana State University.
Mercer University.
University of Central Florida.
University of Illinois at Chicago.
University of Massachusetts Boston.
University of Mississippi.
University of South Carolina.
University of the Pacific.
University of Utah.
American Collegiate Los Angeles.
American Collegiate Washington D.C.

More than 1000 Educate Online students are actively studying online in Canada and the US. Let’s meet some of our students.