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Washington Academy offers online self paced curriculum, with an opportunity to take AP classes, college courses or to continue studies offline, while obtaining US High School Diploma.

Washington Academy US High School

A place: Maine, USA
from Grade 6
Dual Diploma

Prepare for the careers of the future now!

With the help of Educate Online, you can explore 60+ courses, including: Robotics, Programming, Medicine, Business, Mathematics, Foreign Languages and many others!

School Features

At Washington Academy, you can choose to study a dual diploma (combined with your local studies), or select the full-time program. US High School Diploma.
NEASC (New England Association of Schools & Colleges), Cognia
High quality education
92% of graduates enroll in top US universities
Entrance requirements

School reports, English Level CEFR B1


Flexible, Platform-only learning

Additional conditions
Payment is made for 1 year of study, a shorter period of study is not offered
Additional features
Part-time studies available
Choose 1 subject or more
What can you study at Washington Academy?
Students begin their exploration of physics by reviewing the International System of Units (SI), scientific notation, and significant digits. They then learn to describe and analyze motion in one and two dimensions. Students learn about gravity and Newton’s laws of motion before concluding the course with an examination of circular motion.
Geometry is the study of the measurement of the world. What makes Geometry so engaging is the relationship of figures and measures to each other, and how these relationships can predict results in the world around us. Through practical applications, the student sees how geometric reasoning provides insight into everyday life.
Biology introduces students to the scientific method and the basic concepts of biology from a historical and practical point of view. The three main topics of this course are the cell, the molecular basis of heredity and the interdependence
of organisms.

School pricing

2 self paced 3999$
3 self paced 4540$
Dual diploma
6 self paced 8970$
(36 hours of instruction)
1 self paced 1999$
One subject

Higher Education with Educate Online
We help you find the right university for you! Plus:

Prepare for examinations (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, etc.)
Collect admissions & necessary documents
Write a compelling motivation letter
Apply to university

Enrollment process

Step 1: Leave a request
After leaving the request, our specialist contacts you and tells about our programs in more details
Step 2: Test lesson
Student is provided with a trial lesson with an Education Online teacher. The teacher will assess the English-level, academic knowledge, and review the student's goals during the lesson.
Step 3: Getting recommendations
Following the Trial Lesson, an Educate Online advisor will recommend programs suitable to help each individual student to achieve their goals.
Step 4: Payment
Following the admissions review, an offer of admission will be provided along with a tuition invoice for payment.
Step 6: The classes begin

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