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Live lessons with native English teachers. Individual lessons are designed specifically for the student and based on his interests.
English lessons for children
Tudor School
Location: London
Language lessons
Children age 4+
Preparing for Cambridge Exams

Prepare for the careers of the future now!

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School Features

Live lessons are held with native English teachers. Individual lessons are designed specifically for the student and based on his interests.
The school is accredited by the British Accreditation Council
Partial load
Classes at Samiad can be combined with classes at your school
English at any level
The school is perfect for both learning a language from scratch and preparing for exams
Progress Reports
Certificates and knowledge will be counted when transferring to other schools
Platforms: ZOOM for conducting lessons in the conference format, Google Classroom To coordinate studies and check homework

School education

Built on the basis of the Cambridge curriculum. Children learn classical English. It is possible to choose the format of classes: individually or in groups (up to 6 people).
Schedule of lessons
At a convenient time
Graduation Requirements
It is necessary to pass a test lesson to determine the level of the language
Additional Feature
Preparing for IELTS with private lessons


School pricing

Individual lesson
Read along with Benji

Enrollment process

Step 1: Leave a request
After leaving the request, our specialist contacts you and tells about our programs in more details
Step 2: Test lesson
Student is provided with a trial lesson with an Education Online teacher. The teacher will assess the English-level, academic knowledge, and review the student's goals during the lesson.
Step 3: Getting recommendations
Following the Trial Lesson, an Educate Online advisor will recommend programs suitable to help each individual student to achieve their goals.
Step 4: Payment
Following the admissions review, an offer of admission will be provided along with a tuition invoice for payment.
Step 5: Onboarding with a live meeting

With the school in Zoom

Step 6: The classes begin

The success stories of children who chose to study at Educate Online

*Additionally one time registration fee is paid ($50)