Educate Online's team of Student Experience Managers support the personal and academic growth of students throughout their online studies:

Tamara Necheporuk
Head of Scheduling and Partnership
Bachelor's Degree Psychology Summa Cum Laude Universityof New Hampshire.
Student Progress Check-ins

Academic & Personal Goal Setting

Soft Skill Development & Coaching

Career Planning (extra fee)

Parent/Faculty Meeting Arrangement

Frequent Reporting Updates

Mother Tongue Support

Weekly Speaking Clubs
More than academics
Online learning teaches children the soft skills essential for a successful future career.

Our students stay ahead of their peers who are studying in traditional environments. The addition of part-time online programs or a transition to full-time online studies teaches various soft skills.
Time Management



Computer Skills

Self Motivation

Problem Solving



Why Educate Online?

International Qualifications
GCSE, A-Level, Advanced Placement,
US Diploma, Canadian Diploma.
Guaranteed K-12 Admission
We accept students of all levels
and English level.
Quick & Frequent Feedback
With our online platforms,
children and parents can track their progress daily.
Programs are available for every price point. International qualifications for the cost of local education.
Flexible Programs
Study part-time or full-time, group
or individual, 24/7
US, UK, Canada Curriculum
ESOL, Foreign Languages
Learn From Top Faculty
We are not limited by geography, we hire
the best in the world
Engaging Classrooms
Class sizes from 1-40 children
Average class size: 8
Guaranteed University Admission
60+ partner Universities in the UK
and US, plus use your international
credentials to apply to universities
Learn Soft Skills
Online Learning is key to developing the
personal attributes needed for future
career success

Educate Online exclusive services

We're online, and we're social. Students are welcome to join extracurricular activities, clubs, and student leadership councils and connect with their peers outside of the classroom. Offerings include: 3D Game Development, Drama, Investment Club, Model United Nations, Photography, Design, E-Sports, Robotics, Volunteer, and more.
We offer our students the opportunity to put their classroom skills to practice in a real workplace environment. Partner companies include Softline, Red Bull, Geekbrains, and more.
Educate Online has partnered with Crimson Education, the world’s leading US/UK university admissions company, to provide unparalleled University admissions support options for students in Grades 9-12.
Robust Extracurricular
Internship Placement
University Counseling
In-Person Experiences
Native Language Support
While we mostly provide online experiences, we do offer options for students to participate in on-campus summer or semester programs, university exploration tours, cultural/language travel and local meet-ups.
Students from more than 18 countries are presently enrolled with Educate Online. With an international team of experts, we can provide academic and personal counseling support in your native language.