What is a Dual Diploma?
It is a program that works in some Canadian and American schools. Student must combine his local school and an international one. While studying at an international school remotely, the child must take 25% (USA) and 50% (Canada) of the curriculum, the rest will be recounted from his school. At the end of studies, the student will get two High School diplomas from accredited schools
What is the minimum Age for entering international school?
5 y. o. - pre-school. However, if you are looking for school diploma the minimum age is 14 y. o.
What exams does a student need to take for University admission?
It depends on country and university. You definitely need to pass English Exam (TOEFL, IELTS or CAE) and write an essay but the rest of exams might be different. Please, apply for the consultation with our Higher Ed Department for more details
Dual Diploma or Full-Time?
First of all, it's up to you! Dual Diploma saves your money and keep your child at home for a while. From another hand, if your family are going to study and live abroad, you might want to focus on one school only
Do you assist with Financial Aid and Scholarships for Higher Education?
We have a list of partner-universities where we can help you to apply for these schools scholarships. As for other scholarships and colleges, we don't provide such service.
What is the study load of Dual Diploma program (combining local and international school)?
It depends on the standard you join the program. For example, student joins the program at 11th standard. In this case:
USA: 3 subjects each semester.
1 subject = 2 classes per week.
1 class = 50 minutes. + Home assignments Canadian study load:
2 subjects each semester.
Each subject = 5 classes per week.
1 class = 2.5 hours + Home Assignments
When can I join Dual Diploma program?
Student should be 14+ y.o. and has B2 level of English
Do you have any internships?
Not yet. But we help with Higher Education, and many Bachelor and Master programs contain internships! We can take it into account if it's important for you
Do you help adults with skills development/advanced training?
We don't have any professional courses for adults but we can help you with English improvement at British Language School
Do you help with Master Programs?
Yes, we do!