Remote learning for students ages 14+ interested in earning a diploma from leading high schools in Canada, UK, NZ or the US.

Online-live, Full Time Program

Fully-accredited schools
Internationally recognized diplomas
American or Canadian school instead of your local school

Study the entire curriculum at the US or Canadian schools remotely instead of your local school

Study subjects that may not be available at your local school

The diploma received from an Educate Online high school is identical to the diploma received by a traditional physical high school.
Our schools are accredited by the respective local accreditation bodies, including Cognia in the US and the Ministry of Education in Canada.
These diplomas are accepted worldwide for entrance to leading universities. Including those in Canada, the US, the UK, Europe and beyond.
Achieve a full US or Canadian High School Diploma at the end of the program
Our Diplomas

Schools where you child can earn a full time diploma

Upon graduation from an Educate Online high school, you may apply to leading universities worldwide. Our diplomas are internationally recognized and accepted by the best, including: Harvard, Yale, MIT, London School of Economics, University of Toronto, and others.

Admission to a leading university, with an internationally recognized diploma

What universities can you apply to?
Guaranteed Admission
Educate Online is recognized by partner universities worldwide. Graduates of our schools will be accepted to these fine institutions:
Adelphi University. Garden City, New York.
American University. Washington, DC.
Auburn University. Auburn, Alabama.
Cleveland State University. Cleveland, Ohio.
Florida International University.
Louisiana State University.
Mercer University.
University of Central Florida.
University of Illinois at Chicago.
University of Massachusetts Boston.
University of Mississippi.
University of South Carolina.
University of the Pacific.
University of Utah.
American Collegiate Los Angeles.
American Collegiate Washington D.C.

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