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As an online schooling provider, we are not limited by geography and select teachers based on their skills and experience in helping young people achieve their goals and dreams.

Karol Rivera
Subjects: Science, Math, ESL / ELD, English

Teacher Introduction
Kerry Stanley
Subjects: English

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Shawn Dunsmore
Subjects: History, Social Sciences, English, Mathematics

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Jessica Koza
Subjects: English Literature and History.

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James Olsen
Subjects: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Canadian History, and International Business.

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Matthew Chow
Subjects: Advanced Functions, Calculus, Physics and Mathematics

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Dr. Navdeep Sharma
Joseph O'Connor Lincoln
Wesley Thompson
Kolby Granville
Subjects: US Government And Civics, US History Teacher

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Alexandria Brooks
Subjects: ESL( English as a Second Language) and Social Studies Teacher

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Dr Pankaj Mehrotra
Subjects: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, Biology & Chemistry Teacher

Teacher Introduction
Nancy Daum
Subjects: Arts, English Literature, ESL

Teacher Introduction
E. Zane Barrus
Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Precalculus

Teacher Introduction
Erin Goldsmith
Subjects: Language, Arts- K-8, Sciences K-8, Social Studies- K-8, Math K-8, Language and English Courses, Specialty Content Courses

Teacher Introduction
Michelle Dachille Harris
Subjects: English, History, US Government, AP Level English and History

Teacher Introduction
Yolanda Anderson
Subjects: Physics, Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Chemistry

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Keisha Nleka
Elective Teacher
Christopher Swanson
Social Studies Teacher
Tara M. Crampbell
Science Teacher
Ashley Mora Healing-Sheremet
Math Teacher
Katie Clive
Physical Education Teacher
Kara M. Randle
English Teacher
Alice Chaitow
English Teacher
Mayra Almeida-Trejo
Spanish language and culture