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Exciting Subjects Abroad That Spark Academic Passion

Educate Online
Date: 29.03.2024
Are you tired of seeing your child struggle with traditional school subjects? Imagine if they could follow their passions, from robotics to game design, and watch their motivation to learn soar.

Motivating your child to choose their subjects wisely is key to their success. When they're passionate about what they're learning, the sky's the limit. Traditional local schools often offer a limited range of subjects, leaving many students uninspired. But what if your child's interests don't align with the local school options? That's where schools abroad excel, especially in the US and Canada, offering hundreds of subjects to choose from, ranging from journalism to cybersecurity, art to psychology. This freedom encourages students to explore their interests and lay the foundation for future success.
Take EdOptions Academy, for example. Studying at EdOptions can be combined with studying at your child’s local. Upon completion of as few as 6 credits, in addition to a local diploma, students can receive an international diploma. The cost of one semester starts at $750.
With over 200 high school subjects available, EdOptions offers subjects students won't find in local schools.Today, we'll only discuss a few of them, but you can explore the rest on the school's page.

Subjects of the Future: English with Augmented Reality

Looking for a good English course for your child? No tutor compares to English 09 with Augmented Reality from EdOptions.

During this course, students will be immersed in language learning using AR - Augmented Reality. It's a unique way to learn English that's both easy and enjoyable! Students will watch cool videos, use helpful worksheets, and enjoy fun activities with Boulevard Arts from New York City. They will have a blast while improving their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

For those Interested in Mastering Artificial Intelligence, Choosing the Artificial Intelligence course is the way to go

Your child will study the history and current advancements of AI, learning essential concepts like machine learning, computer vision, and the ethics surrounding AI. They'll also gain skills to manage AI and potentially create their own GPT or Midjourney in the future.

From a School Lesson to the World of The Lord of the Rings

How do you bring a literary work to life and bring it to the movie screen? The Lord of the Rings: An Exploration of the Films and Their Literary Influences is a fascinating course.

Using the example of the beloved novel The Lord of the Rings and its equally epic film adaptation, students will learn how film adaptations of literary works are created and how fantasy becomes reality. It's the perfect opportunity for young minds interested in creative professions to take their first step into this profession.

Solving Crime: Forensics for High School Students

Say goodbye to horror movie stereotypes and hello to real-life investigation techniques. Students will explore the intricate work of forensic scientists, mastering crime scene analysis and evidence examination. From deciphering footprints to analyzing bloodstains, this course equips students with the skills to crack any case.

"Mom, I'm a Robotics A/B student": Learn to Build Your Own Robot!

In the Robotics I A/B course, students get in touch with the world of robotics, exploring its history, basic principles, and the engineering design process. They also range over important ethical and legal considerations in this field.

Students will discover potential career paths and safety regulations, and then get hands-on experience building their very own robotic arm. They'll learn how to test and maintain it, bringing their creations to life!

3D Modeling: Boost Your Child's Creativity

Is your child passionate about drawing, animation, or digital art? Enroll them in our 3D Modeling course to kickstart their way in technology and design.

This course offers a blend of practice and theoretical learning. Students will master the art of creating virtual 3D design projects, explore digital design techniques, and gain proficiency in relevant software. It's the perfect opportunity for your child to develop valuable skills for the future.

Enrolling your child in online secondary education at a school abroad offers a promising chance to reignite their motivation for learning. Additionally, it provides them with the opportunity to explore entirely new fields of study. This experience serves as a crucial initial step towards a fulfilling career path that promises both financial stability and personal satisfaction.
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