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Are you considering a Master of Computer Science (MCS)? You need to read this!

Date: 19.09.2022
Many University graduates see Computer Science as their ticket to career success. And, while a Master of Computer Science (MCS) will offer a solid foundation for careers in the field, there will be THOUSANDS of graduates and professionals applying for the same positions with the same degree.

But, don’t worry, there are a variety of specialisms related to computer science which may give you a competitive edge over your peers and other job applicants. Today, we will explore those options:

of Computer Engineering

Similar to computer science, computer engineering offers students a great pathway into the exciting world of computing. A Computer Engineering Masters is less theory-oriented and aids in advancing practical skills which can increase job opportunities for graduates. It can be great for students who prefer to apply scientific principles and knowledge to hardware design.

The US Department of Labor predicts that demand for computer engineers will remain high in the coming decades.
Master of Information System Management
An information system manager plans and directs computer-related activities, identifying the technology needs of a company or organization and making management-level decisions regarding hardware and software.

A Master of Information System Management gives students hands-on experience with big data and cloud performance, as well as mastery in strategy, business intelligence, security, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies.

Information system management is a fast-growing field, and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 75,000+ new jobs are expected by 2026.

Master of Robotics and Autonomous Systems

If you're interested in fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, or human-machine interaction, this is the Masters for you!

Some universities offer an additional focus within the Master of Robotics and Autonomous Systems in areas such as: Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and more!

This degree is an excellent option for students who hope to make their mark in a wide range of industries, from transportation and aerospace to healthcare and military defense.

Master of Biomedical Informatics

Combining information technology with health care, a Master of Biomedical Informatics prepares students to apply problem-solving and data-processing skills typically associated with a computer science degree to real-world problems in the healthcare industry.

Graduates of this program are also involved in the important work of saving lives by assisting physicians and medical researchers, to:
Identify diseases earlier
Improve patient care
Improve and enhance diagnostic technology
Improve patient-hospital interactions
Minimize the need for hospital visits while maintaining top-notch service
Above all, graduates become valuable professionals who use biomedical data, information and knowledge to support ongoing healthcare initiatives. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2029, jobs involving the manipulation and assessment of data will increase by 31% when compared to other fields.

Master of Graphic Information Technology

Building on the fundamental knowledge gained from a traditional Master of Computer Science, a Master of Graphic Information Technology, combines the technical foundation skills with creativity and visual design.

Depending on their interests, students can gain hands-on laboratory experience in external web design and development, 2D/3D animation, video game graphics and animation, digital asset management, and more!

A Master of Graphic Information Technology prepares graduates for management positions in diverse graphic technology industries.
What do you think? These are some wonderful alternatives to a standard Master of Computer Science degree and our partner, Arizona State University (ASU) has got you covered.

As the No.1 university in the US for Innovation, ASU offers these and other master degree programs. All excellent alternatives to a traditional Master of Computer Science.

When seeking employment in technology focused careers real-world experience is as important as a degree. Practical master degree programs alongside professional internships are an excellent way to receive the experience needed to secure career success. With a virtual internship you can even gain experience from home!

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