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The Most Innovative University in the US

Date: 15.07.2022

Can your child change the world? Yes, they can!

From the invention of the telegraph, the discovery of AIDS and penicillin, the origination of the internet, and current advances in stem cell research, universities are the hub of knowledge and discovery. Lots of inventions have been discovered at universities
Arizona State University has been ranked #1 as the most innovative university in the U.S. for many years, ahead of Harvard, MIT, and other well-known universities. And, of course, this university is happy for its own students' inventiveness - the university professors and staff always support students' ideas and their development. The university also helps to patent their inventions.

First of all: what is a patent?

A patent is a government grant that gives certain property rights to the inventor, including the right to prevent others from making, using or selling the invention for a limited time, usually 20 years. Patents are legally considered as ‘intellectual property’.

ASU has been in the top 10 universities for patents granted in the U.S. (and 11th in the world) for three consecutive years. In 2020, 140 patents were issued at ASU.
‘These patents reflect the hard work of ASU's elite research faculty, their commitment to solving society's biggest problems and the success they achieve in this mission’, shares Dr. Sally Morton, Executive Vice President of ASU's Knowledge Enterprise.
How it works
ASU partners with Skysong Innovations, an exclusive technology transfer and intellectual property management organization, to commercialize innovations created by ASU researchers. Working with Skysong Innovations' team of business, technology and legal experts, ASU faculty, graduate students and staff can patent an invention, protect and market their intellectual property.
For example, ASU alumnus Cody Friesen created SOURCE Global, a company that designs and manufactures hydropanels that create drinking water from sunlight and air. The company raised $50 million in its latest investment round and was named on Fast Company's list of most innovative social companies.

How innovators are bred

University continues to innovate and support strategic initiatives that drive the success of the academic community. For example, one such initiative, Dreamscape Learn, an immersive VR-based curriculum, allows students to explore, observe and experience numerous hands-on problem-solving tasks that can’t be done in a traditional classroom.

This past year also saw ASU responding creatively to COVID-19, with a $1 million-winning grant for Indigenous Peoples to operate testing and vaccine sites.

A number of launches and openings included the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory and the Mirabella at ASU intergenerational living and lifelong learning complex.

Dates of enrollment

ASU's Fall 2022 enrollment has unfortunately come to a close, but you can apply for Winter Intake 2023 with classes starting in January. The deadline to apply for winter intake is November 2 for masters programs and November 22 for bachelors.
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